Sale of SPP Components

In cooperation with a reliable suppliers, we are able to offer you top technological solutions, which satisfy every desire and idea.

Choose top SPP components:

  • high-quality Upsolar photovoltaic modules,
  • innovative Fototherm hybrid - thermal photovoltaic modules,
  • leading  SMA and AROS inverters,
  • latest Schletter, Mecosun, Knubix and K2 substructures,
  • and reliable Meteocontrol, TigoEnergy and Solar Edge control systems.

Photovoltaic Modules

Photovoltaic modules are the heart of any solar power plant, they are its generator.

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Hybrid modules

Thermal photovoltaic modules enable the production of electricity and thermal energy.

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Inverters transform energy, obtained from PV modules, into a form that is appropriate for transmission to the distribution network.

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The structure enables installing solar panels on the desired basis – building or property. Ensures proper orientation of solar cells.

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Control System

If technology is not reliably controlled, this means that its operation is left to stand the test of time alone. Early error detection enables their immediate removal and ensures maximum yield.

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Additional Equipmet

We also provide you with additional equipment such as sensors, control systems, measuring point equipment, wiring and cabinets, as well as lightning protection and grounding.

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