Control System

If technology is not reliably controlled, this means that its operation is left to stand the test of time alone. The most important goal is ensuring optimal yield. Early error detection enables their immediate removal/repair and ensures maximum yield.

A solar power plant runs silently, which is why it is difficult to notice a potential error or outfall. It makes sense to install a control system in order to achieve optimal operation and maximum efficiency. With its help, we will be able to monitor plant operation via the Internet either at work, at home or on vacation.

In addition to data such as daily, weekly and monthly production of electricity, one can also monitor the current temperature of the atmosphere, the power of solar radiation and wind speed.

Each manufacturer of inverters has its own solution for a control system which is compatible with their products, but there are also universal control systems that match with almost all inverters.

Top control systems:
  • Meteocontrol - reducing operational costs of solar power plants
  • TigoEnergy - a system for SPP optimization and fire safety
  • Solar Edge - more yield and control over each individual module


Meteocontrol's innovative and professional control technology helps to substantially reduce the operational costs of SPPs.


The control system is designed to deactivate the high voltage DC bus in case of impact, fire or maintenance, so that it is not powered and enables safe fire fighting with no risk of electrocution by DC voltage. Firemen therefore have immediate access to the fire and can extinguish it safely.


The Interlink system - monitoring the plant via the Internet.

Riello Aros

SunVision - monitoring the plant on your personal computer.


Sunny Explorer - for monitoring the plant via Bluetooth, Sunny portal -monitoring the plant via the Internet, option of informing the user on errors via e-mail.

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