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NEW! Your solar power plant can be entirely or partially equipped with hybrid thermal photovoltaic Fototherm modules. They enable the production of electricity and thermal energy. Plan-net Solar, as the exclusive representative for Fototherm modules in Slovenia, provides you with innovative and steady development of photovoltaics and sanitary water heating.

We install them on:

·      residential roofs,

·      roofs of office, industrial and agricultural facilities,

·      solar power plants,

·      or other devices.

Thermal energy produced by thermal photovoltaic machinery with modules may be used for different needs, such as partial or complete integration of heating:

·      swimming pools,

·      low-temperature radiant panel heaters,

·      hot sanitary water,

·      or industrial processing machinery.

A device with FOTOTHERM modules enables the heat regulation by cooling photovoltaic cells. At the same time, it improves the efficiency of electrical conversion. FOTOTHERM products are also designed to be used in empty systems. If circumstances prevent additional fluid circulation, the device is used as a regular photovoltaic device.

Photovoltaic cells in commercial systems usually convert between 13 and 18 % of radiated energy, while the remaining energy remains between the cells, thus increasing the temperature with an additional loss of conversion efficiency in PV cells. FOTOTHERM technology is based on combining photovoltaic production and the collection of heat from the PV cells on the crystal plate. This enables an increase of electricity production (15-20% on an annual basis), as well as the production of thermal energy. FOTOTHERM products are manufactured with the technology and materials that ensure similar durability and performance as conventional photovoltaic modules.

The Fototherm, Srl, company, founded in 2006, manufactures thermal photovoltaic modules. The company has patented the FOTOTHERM technology, which is based on commercial, photovoltaic modules from major international brands. Efficiency and safety of the upgrade acquired with the FOTOTHERM technology is guaranteed by the quality of the incorporated products. Fototherm S.r.l. also applies skills acquired by general contractors for installations of all sizes of photovoltaic and thermal PV devices. Consolidated cooperation with a company with years of experience in installing and designing, ensures a high quality of designed and installed devices.


Operating principle: during the day the water flow cools the FOTOTHERM modules in order to maintain an optimum working temperature; the absorbed heat is used for heating a swimming pool.


Operating principle: in this device, the heat obtained by cooling FOTOTHERM modules will be used for  integration with a hot water tank in order to produce hot sanitary water, and a radiant panel system.

A controller with two heat exchangers, parallel plates and a pump, manages the heating of the water in the tank and in the return manifold of the radiant panel system. The heat generator checks whether the temperatures reached by the system are sufficient. and any potential surplus of thermal energy will be stored in the solar tank. When the temperature of the FOTOTHERM modules is lower than the temperature of the solar tank, the controller drives a three-way valve to exclude modules from the circuit and to exploit the stored thermal energy. The cold water will be pre-heated by the exchanger before it goes into the hot-water tank; this exploits the thermal energy even in case of low temperature.


Fototherm photovoltaic modules with 60 156 X 156 mm cells made from Polycrystalline silicon.
Fototherm C series modules come with the IEC61215 certificate and an anodised aluminium frame, which guarantees high quality rust protection.

Product Data Sheet: pdfFototherm hybrid modules (.pdf 537KB)



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