Solar Power Stations

The sun shines for free. With its energy, it creates Earths ecosystems and gives life to millions of animal species. Humans are also a part of this life cycle. Our need for energy has almost thrown our planet off balance. But through technology, we are able to capture sunlight and use it as the cleanest energy source. This is humanities only chance to go on developing at the same rate, while also maintaining the fragile balance of our planet. Prices of solar modules have dropped substantially in the last years, but their efficiency has increased. The government uses subsidies and legislative changes to enable a better return on investments in domestic solar power plants.

Investment for Life - Investment in Life.
The minimum lifespan of a solar power plant is thirty years. Payback is in less than ten years and a regular annual income between 8 and 12% of the initial investment is achievable. The profit from the sale of electricity between the tenth and thirtieth year of the plants operation represent nothing but additional income. A solar power plant can be installed on a roof, as a roof or next to a building.

Solar power is a very wise decision, because:

  • we are using photovoltaics - a renewable energy source,
  • we are not polluting the environment,
  • electricity can be sold (premium),
  • solar energy is unlimited.
A solar power plant has a typical power output at 90% of rated power output. After ten years of operation the efficiency of a solar power plant drops by 10%.

The sale price of one kWh, produced by solar cells, equals the annual premium, plus the market price with each produced kWh of electricity.

Is Solar Power the Right Choice for You?

Make use of your roof and earn money!
An investment in a solar power plant is an investment with low risk and is considered very predictable and highly lucrative.
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Photovoltaics - How does a SPP Work?

Solar power plants use the energy of the sun, which is the primary energy source for life on Earth. Choose photovoltaics - the most modern energy source. More >

Building a Solar Power Plant

We offer turnkey construction of our SPPs.
Our company employs a highly qualified professional staff, who provide you with assistance in preparing documentation and with top execution.
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4 Types of Solar Power Plants

Choose your Plan-net solar power plant according to your existing or future roof placement and to the property's status.
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A Turnkey SPP or Leasing a Roof?

Invest in unused roof surfaces on your own or talk to us in order for us about renting them. A solar power plant brings profit in the form of compensation for easement.
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10 most FAQ on Solar Power Plants

All I need to know about solar power plants.
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Free of charge electrical project for the solar power plant
When ordering a turnkey solar power plant, we make free of charge electrical project for the solar p ... more...

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