Integrated Systems

Integrated solar power plants are a special way of harnessing solar power, where photovoltaic modules form the primary roof. Integrated solar power plants are known for their good aesthetics and are most suitable for new construction and when the existing roofing is worn out and needs replacement. The solution used by Plan-net Solar in integrated solar power plants ensures excellent sealing with quality seals and also with the shape of longitudinal and transversal supporting profiles, which are designed so that the droplets are collected and discharged without penetrating the seal.

integrirana sončna elektrarna

sončna elektrarna

Our strive for quality implementation of solar power plants and for the satisfaction of our customers led us to participate in training at the Mecosun company, where we received Certificate of Qualification (.pdf 189KB) .

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As of the middle of 2012, the Plan-net Solar company had finished construction of the following integrated SPPs:
  • SPP Gaber Lipje 36 kW,
  • SPP Ženeral 46 kW,
  • SPP Černigoj 19 kW,
  • SPP Gozdno gospodarstvo Maribor I 50 kW,
  • SPP Plan-net III 145 kW,
  • SPP Rahne 40 kW,
  • SPP Šorli 50 kW,
  • SPP Kovačič20 kW,
  • SPP Čepon 44 kW,
  • SPP Bar Kapica 15 kW,
  • SPP Filles34kW,
  • SPP Šuštaršič 24 kW.
Integrated solar power plants complete our selection of referential power plants, designed according to the latest quality standards.

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Feb 9, 2016
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