Financing Power Plants

Commercial Banks

Since Slovenian banks are not generally familiar with photovoltaic projects, we recommend that you gather information on packages for solar power plants which certain banks offer. We at the Plan-net company will get you an offer for the desired loan to finance a solar power plant providing you submit the necessary documentation.
Financial expenses are the largest expenditure paid by the plant owner during the life of the investment.
Credit periods range between 5 and 15 years.
Banks agree on loans from 70-90 % of the investment, in exceptional cases up to 100 %.
Partner: Unicredit banka Slovenija d.d.

Grants for Solar Power Plant Construction

Projects, such as environmental and energy projects associated with renewable energy sources may obtain funds form the European Union. Any natural person or company may request those funds by applying for tenders. Information about grants can be found on the Slovenian portal of the European Union under Environment. It is also available on the website of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, where you can find an overview of current tenders.

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Regional and Local Assistance

Sustainable and natural energy systems are the commitment of the entire European Union. The EU supports and stimulates the foundation of regional and local agencies that are required for energy consulting. Slovenian local and regional agencies are one of them. Their tasks are consulting, training, informing and providing assistance in obtaining funds at both international and national levels.

Eco Fund

The Eco Fund of Slovenia issues Public tenders for giving loans for environmental investments. If you apply for the tender, you may receive a loan for SPP construction at the usual or subsidised interest rate. The maximum available funds for SPP construction are 90% of the investment's net value (legal entities). Tenders appeal to all, who are going to renew or build a solar power plant and require the most favourable loan possible. More on the website of the Eco Fund of Slovenia.

Loan Insurance


A solar power plant may be partially insured for the obtained loan, but in any case, the bank requires the investor's personal participation and loan insurance. Before you start meeting with banks, you need a well prepared project. This means it is technically possible, safe for all participants and realistically presented.


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